Fresh keeping vacuum electric lunch box

Short Description:

  • 1.Fresh keeping vacuum lunch box

  • 2.Model no.: F70
  • 3.Capacity: 650ML
  • 4.Spec: Food grade PP, no need power supply
  • 5.Vacuum pump spec: 5V 1A, battery capacity: 700mah
  • 6.Product size: 243*97*135m

Product Detail

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  • Function and advantage

  • 1.Portable keep fresh, food not easily to deteriorate for your take-out food.
  • 2.Keep fresh for food, salad , vegetable, fruit , yogurt etc. Average performace
  • 12~15degrees for 5~6 hours.
  • 3. Light weight and easy to carry out.
  • 4.Food grade material, no hazard for user, BPA free , no deform after microwave heat
  • and pass dish-washing machine test.
  • 5.650 ML easy for carry , suitable for 1 or 2 person used.
  • 6. Vacuum pump fast extract inner air , perfect seal and no leakage.
  • 7. Famous appearance design team to develop the structure and appearance, suitable
  • all markets around the world.
  • Portable keep fresh , food not easily to deteriorate.
  • Max performance 11.7 degrees for 5 hours. Keep fresh Sasumi, Sushi, salad, meat, Onigiri ...etc.
  • Average performace 17 degrees for 6 hours. Keep fresh salad , vegetable, fruit , yogurt ...etc
  • Light weight and easy to carry out.
  • No Need to looking for a microwave and wait in line for heating, now simply plug in and heat up your food with the electric heating lunch box at home/office or in car/truck using the 110/220V power cables. keep constant heating between 60°C and 70°C when plugging in, always serving you a hot meal.
  • Safty & Fast PTC heating technology : Using PTC original constant temperature heating, low-consumption heat cycle to keep food at a suitable temperature and keep the moisture of the food. It normally takes 30-50 minutes to warm the food, super efficient and energy-saving. (If the food was taken out of the fridge or where the ambient temperature is low, the heating time should be extended appropriately).
  • Leak proofing: Improved cover design, the cover will not move during use, more tightly covered. Because leak-proof seal ring design is added, it improves the defect of food leakage. Prevent fluid leakage in sloshing car environments.
  • Material & Heating notes : The electric lunch box is made of food grade PP plastic and stainless steel, which is high-temperature resistant, non-toxic, durable, eco-friendly and safe to use. Warm Tips: Please do not clean the heating base with water, and do not add water to the heating base.

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