Hot sale electric rapid egg boiler SUS304 two layers egg cooker 1-14 eggs

Short Description:

  1. 110V/230V AC 50Hz 360W
  2. Top Cover(PP)
  3. Product size: 198*177*270mm
  4. Timer Switch ( Time Setting from 0-30mins)
  5. SUS304 Stainless Heating plate
  6. For cooking 1 to 14 eggs at a time,
  7. Including measure cup
  8. Stainless steel heating plate
  9. Cooking1- 14 eggs
  10. Removable lid & egg tray for easy cleaning

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.Cooking soft & hard egg at will
2.Cooking eggs,  also can  cook liquid egg ,bun and other food;
3.Different taste: it can control the cook result;
4.Safety: with no water shut off function;
5.Egg will not be crack during cooking;
6.Delicious, nutritional , no fishy smell;
7.Save time and electricity:304 stainless steel heating plate
8.Easy to use: our egg boiler cooker for holding different function, it for cook perfect hard or soft-boiled eggs secure with interior PP shelf, this microwave hard boiled egg cooker is easy to use and fast
9.High quality material: the egg boiler heater is SUS304 material, body and cover are food grade PP material sleek designing, high build quality, easy and fast operation, modern egg shape design made of durable plastic
10.Adjustable: make your ideal boiled eggs, which can be kept fresh, soft and nutritious through boiling, 4-6 minutes for soft to medium boiled and 8 minutes for hard-bolied ( just for reference , it will make according to instruction manual)
11.Cook up to 14 eggs with the simple mechanical swivel button, and eggs come out consistently perfect with an easy-to-peel shell
12.Rapid boiling: fill measuring cup with water to desired doneness, rotate the button the suit time and within minutes your eggs will be “ Egg-celent” fun and simple to use for family members of all ages! The built-in timer , buzzer  and auto-shut off gets it right every time ! Faster than conventional stovetop methods.
13.We can make plug according to customers requests like VDE Plug,  Korea KC plug , Japan plug, UK plug etc., 

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