New model 5L Capacity 304 Stainless Inner Pot Electric thermo Pot

Short Description:

  1. 1.Production Information Electric Kettle Pot
  2. 2.Item No.: 906A
  3. 3.Practical capacity: 5.0L
  4. 4.Specication Identification: 5.0L
  5. 5.Housing: Plastic Housing
  6. 6.Inner: 304 stainless steel inner pot
  7. 7.Color: White/Black
  8. 8.Product size(mm): 278*208*370
  9. 9.Gift Box(mm): 326*256*430mm
  10. 10.G.W: 3.9KGS
  11. 11.N.W: 3.3KGS
  12. 12.PCS/CTN: 4PCS/CTN
  13. 13.Approval : CB/CE

Product Detail

Product Tags

  • 1.LCD display for temperature optional
  • 2.Re-boil function
  • 3.Temperature setting from 45/65/75/85/95℃
  • 4.Fast cooling system
  • 5.Safety child lock
  • 6.Two boiling modes
  • 7.1ways water dispenser: a).dispenser
  • 8.Water shortage alarmand automatic stop work
  • 9.Power:700W
  • 10.Power cord2×1.25mm²×0.7m
  • 11.304  stainless steel inner pot
  • 12.Dry boil and over-heating protection
  • 13.Rated Voltage: Ac220v
  • 14.Rated Frequency: 60Hz
  • 15.Rated Power:700W
  • 16.Two boiling modes
  • 17.1ways water dispenser: a).dispenser
  • 18.Water shortage alarmand automatic stop work
  • 19.The Hot Water Dispenser features a large capacity of 5L boiling water to 212°F in minutes. Features 1 dispensing methods
  • 20.360° ROTATING BASE: Features a 360° rotating platform at the bottom making it easy to access hot water from any angle & to make dispensing easier when the tank is full (heavy). This water boiler is safe for placement on any table or countertop
  • 21.BUILT-IN LED LIGHT: Equipped w/ built-in LED light that illuminates when dispensing. Thanks to the visible water w/ clear level mark, it’s convenient to control water capacity & add water in time. Used for drinks including instant coffee, tea & soups
  • 22.AUTO SHUT-OFF: The 700W insulated pot keeps water warm throughout the day, makes hot water readily available anytime. For added safety, it shuts itself off once the pot is empty, as well as a dispense button safety lock to prevent accidental pouring
  • 23.ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: Allows you to heat the water directly to the selected Keep Warm temperature (45/65/75/85/95℃ only) without reaching a boil. The water will reach the selected Keep Warm temperature quicker than regular mode
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