The epidemic has brought challenge to small appliances, but also brought opportunities to Spadger

With the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, people no longer simply require product functions, appearance level and creativity are also important parts of everyone’s concern, so whether the products exhibited are enough to attract consumers has become the lethal weapon of exhibitors.
In the face of adversity small home appliance market,  although it is severe, but also let Spadger have time to stop thinking about the direction and return to the essence, repositioning the small and beautiful kitchen home appliances, to bring a new look to consumers.
In addition, the rapid development of healthy economy under the epidemic, which coincides with the product concept of Spadger, electric lunch boxes, folding water kettles, egg boilers, vacuum ricer box, Food warmer plate, and other single products performs very well in the market.
The newly launched fruit and vegetable sterilizer and food heating plate of Spadger hope that you can still have health and delicious food to accompany you in the haze of the epidemic. Moreover, the upcoming Vacuum Ricer box,electric health kettle, electric lunch box and electric kettle pot are integrated with the concept, so that you can use healthily and without worry
With the rapid rise of the post-90s consumer power, product innovation consciousness and content presentation are particularly important. Therefore, Soadger has always attached importance to product research and development since its establishment
In addition, Spadger also cultivated a professional design team, which participated in the appearance design and color matching of the front end of the product. Based on the combination of big data analysis at the consumer level, it accurately targeted the target group, mined the product advantages and finally presented the product, injected the soul into the product, and raised the brand to a new height.

Post time: Mar-22-2022