New Technology Food Heater Plate Food Warmer

Short Description:

  • Heating panelFood grade silicone

  • Heating wireSilicone heating wire
  • Control panelPP
  • Product Spec
  • Voltage220V~50Hz
  • Power250W
  • Product Size
  • Capacity630*380mmFit for 3-5 people
  • The length of cord2.5 meters
  • Product size674×380×28mm

Product Detail

Product Tags

  • Control mode: LED touch control
  • Key buttonON/OFF, Timing, Temperature
  • Timing control4 hoursPress one time to increase 1 hour
  • Temperature control60~100 degree
  • 1.4 Hours adjustment for keeping warm
  • 2.1 hour keeping warm for family dinners
  • 3.2 hours keeping warm for small gatherings
  • 4.3 hours keeping warm for holiday meals
  • 5.4 hours keep warm for other parties and events
  • 6.Can put 6pcs dishes on plate in one time
  • 7.Suitable for 3-5 people
  • 8.2.5m detachable power cord
  • 9.250w lower power
  • 10.Soft silicone Anti-slip for two sides
  • 11.1cm height from the table
  • 12.It is not easy to become yellow after using for a long time , safty and duable .
  • 13.Soft silicone , compared to the glass and metal panel, more resistent to impact and does not damage containers
  • 14.No need special container
  • 15.Soft silicone to improve the bedding degree of the plate and container, to achieve fast heat-conduction
  • 16.It suitable for family dinners, small gatherings, holiday meals, other parties and events and travel
  • 17.5 settings for adjustable temperature
  • 18.60 degree for warm milk, 70 degree for drying nut,80 degree for warm tea, 90 degree for warm wine, 100 degree for warm food
  • 19.Product function: Roll up for storage, food grade silicone, big capacity, Fit for all containers, 4Hours keep warm,  Anti-slip for two sides. ,5 setting temperature, 250W power ,2.5m power cord, Trip protection
  • 20.Keep food hot, longer, products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US, Europe,UK, etc.,. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination.

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